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GPSi Purchases MicroSoft/Vexcel UltraCamFalconP Digital Camera

photo of Ramon and Paul with digital camera Innovation is nothing new at GPSi. It's been our heartbeat for nearly a quarter century as we are committed to staying ahead of the curve. To maintain our edge in offering our clients superior quality products by using the most advanced tools, we recently upgraded our digital aquisition capabilities.
We are proud to be the only North America-based mapping company providing digital aerial imagery using the UltraCam Falcon prime, the next generation digital aerial mapping camera from Microsoft Vexcel.
This camera is ideal for our small to medium engineering design-scale photogrammetric projects.

What does this mean for our customers?
  • Full digital work flow for quick turnaround time
  • Exceptional image quality (sharper image, better edge definition) even in tough shadow areas
  • Pristine images that are unspoiled by dust/lint particles, film granularity
  • Real time viewable raw images, on board image QA/QC and analysis tools eliminate costly re-flight
  • Capacity to capture virtually unlimited exposures (5k) in one flight mission
  • Ability to deliver true color, color-infrared (CIR), 4 band and panchromatic images simultaneously (as opposed to a film based camera that can only achieve one film type during each flight)
  • High-resolution orthophoto production
Click here to read more about this exciting aquistion. Click here to get the 411 on our high flying solutions.
Or simply call us at 949-459-3051 to find out what our special breed of customer-centric geospatial expertise can do for you.

Move to New Headquarters in Costa Mesa

photo costa mesa GSPi office Check out our new digs in the heart of Costa Mesa:
  • A high-tech oasis of work stations and state-of-the-art photogrammetric equipment housed within our professionally designed office space.
  • Our proximity to the John Wayne Airport allows us to get data hot off the runway, within minutes of the plane’s landing.
  • The “no walls” space is designed to function as an innovation lab of sorts to encourage free flowing exchange of ideas and brainstorming across the business with a focus on optimum workflow and efficiency. But behind the hi-tech façade, you’ll also find some old-fashioned values, like a belief in work-life balance, and an unwavering commitment to invest in our employees. While we’ll continue to use our headquarters to centralize administration, we are committed to maintaining an eco-friendly enterprise with a predominantly virtual mode of operation where our employees have the flexibility of working from home.

Technology Award from Asian Business Association of OC

ABAOC award image GPSi’s Chief Executive Officer/President, Alice Ramos, was the recipient of the 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Asian Business Association of Orange County. The award criteria included:
  • Emerging company with innovative technology located in Orange County
  • Small business company with revenues under $25 million
  • Award recipient to be of Asian descent or heritage
The Asian Business Association of Orange County (ABAOC) provides Asian Americans the opportunity to gain access to economic advancement through networking, education and community representation. ABAOC chose GPSi’s next generation geospatial technology as we have a demonstrated track record of success in meeting and exceeding our clients’ technically demanding, mission-critical needs that have strict and rigorous mapping, CADD, GIS and orthophoto standards and specifications.