About Us

Meet the Founding Movers and Shakers

GPSi’s three Principals are all experienced photogrammetrists with an 95-year combined track record of success. Each of the Principals is integrally involved in the day-to-day operations, providing a synergistic web of experience that positions GPSi as a formidable player in the aerial survey and mapping industry.

Alice Ramos photo
Alice Ramos, Chief Executive Officer/President: Ms. Ramos is both a certified photogrammetrist (ASPRS) and GIS professional (URISA) with experience teaching photogrammetry and elementary surveying at the university level. In addition to her primary responsibilities for Finance and Administration, Ms. Ramos applies her technical expertise in aerial triangulation, CADD, GIS, orthophotography and QC. She has served as Regional Director, ASPRS Southwest region covering southern California, Arizona and southern Nevada and was a member of the organizing committee for the 2010 ASPRS National Annual Conference.

Paul Rivers photo
Paul Rivers, Chief Operating Officer: Mr. Rivers brings a 30-year track record of expertise in photogrammetry, aerial surveying, aerial triangulation, mapping, cartography, CADD, GIS and QC. Mr. Rivers also brings a plethora of hands-on project management expertise and manages client projects as well as spearheading GPSi’s sales and marketing initiatives. Building bridges externally, he has cultivated and continues to sustain robust relationships with the existing client base.

Ramon Ramos photo
Ramon Ramos, Executive Vice President: Mr. Ramos is the resident technical expert at GPSi, drawing on a 35-year track record of experience in photogrammetry, surveying, aerial mapping, aerial triangulation, cartography, CADD, GIS and QA/QC. Mr. Ramos is a California Licensed Land Surveyor and a Certified Photogrammetrist (ASPRS). He has served as Regional Director, ASPRS Southwest region from 2007 to 2010. He has solid project management expertise and, in collaboration with Mr. Rivers, he heads up GPSi’s sales and customer relations.

Deborah Ninow photo
Deborah Ninow, Head of Photogrammetric Operation: Ms. Ninow is our quality control expert and project manager extraordinaire. She is a seasoned photogrammetrist with a broad range of expertise in digital aerial triangulation, softcopy stereo-compilation, CADD, map finishing and production management, among others. Ms. Ninow oversees the training of new stereo-compilers in the field of digital photogrammetry and ensures that the team meets or exceeds our stringent in-house quality standards.

Our Company Profile

exterior and interior photo of GPSi building and Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business alumni
Born of distinguished corporate parents, GEOspatial Professional Solutions Inc. (GPSi) traces its roots back to the 1970s. Pedigreed by a lineage of photogrammetric expertise, GPSi features the next generation of geospatial solutions that encompass photogrammetry, remote sensing and geographic information systems.

GPSi is a one-stop resource that offers the best of both worlds: a 30-year legacy of high quality service and robust client base coupled with a certified small woman-owned minority (WMBE) business. In essence, GPSi is an enterprise with the reach and staying power of a larger company but with the compulsion to innovate, hi-tech prowess and entrepreneurial vigor of a smaller company.

GPSi is proud to be the first mapping company in North America to offer the UltraCam Falcon prime (PDF specs), the digital aerial mapping camera tailored for high accuracy, design grade engineering mapping. With features like 196 megapixel image format, a 1:2.2 pan sharpen ratio that collects PAN, RGB and NIR in parallel, and forward motion compensation by TDI, this camera delivers the same technical capabilities of larger models. The ability to deliver true-color and color-infrared (CIR) image quality with unmatched radiometric range, makes it ideal for our smaller large-scale and photogrammetric projects, high-resolution orthophoto production, precision photogrammetry, corridor mapping, and Lidar integration.

We are also the first company on the West Coast to own RIEGL®'s LMS-Q780 (PDF data sheet) aerial Lidar sensor. With the exciting purchase of this full waveform airborne laser scanner, GPSi now offers full Lidar services including data aquisition, post-processing, filtering, and classification.