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DAAT is a photogrammetric process to densify a framework of field-established ground control to enable mapping over an entire project. It dramatically reduces the need for survey time by eliminating the need to fully control all stereo models in the field. This tried and tested technology is especially beneficial in large projects, and where terrain or manmade features make access to and travel around a project site very difficult. Analytical aerotriangulation also provides an intermediate quality control check on all ground control, enabling any errors to be
caught and corrected prior to the mapping phase of the project. Our state-of-the-art facility provides all the necessary equipment and personnel to perform analytical aerotriangulation through conventional means, as well as through the latest softcopy automated techniques. The final output includes:
Various model orientation parameter files
DAAT Report [Hardcopy/PDF/ASCII]
DAAT strip/block Layout
Project Management/Consulting
Survey Ground Control
Aerial Imagery
Airborne GPS
Photogrammetric Scanning
Digital AeroTriangulation
Photogrammetric Mapping
Digital Orthophotography
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