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Ventura Harbor Boat Launching Facility - Project size: 3 acres, mapping used for launch ramp Refurbishment, digital orthophotography with a 0.1’ GSD. Low Altitude Mapping Photography flown at low tide used to create 1”=20’ topographic mapping, DTM & 1’ contours, tied to hydrographic field survey data.

Mohave Generation Station (MOGS) - Laughlin, Nevada.
Project size 1,453 acres. 1”=200’ with 5’ contours, and 1”=40’ with 1’ contours covering the station Facility, and 300 acres of landfill. Our historical & existing aerial mapping and orthophotography are being used in the station's decommissioning process.

Lucerne - Project size: 45 acres for stock pile inventory & volume calculations, digital orthophotography with a 0.15’ GSD. 1”=40’ topographic mapping with surface modeling & 1’ contours.

Mid Coast Transit - Project size: 423 acres, 10 miles of Railroad mapping, digital orthophotography with a GSD of 0.20’. Other products delivered nclude 1”=40’ topographic map with 1’ contours, 0.2’ color orthos, and DTM bare-earth model.

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